Edoardo Torresin

Edoardo Torresin

Profession and Skills

Dancer with Singing and Acting Skills

Musical Performer – Acting – Signing (Baritenor) 

Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Commercial Training
Ballet and Barre fitness teacher

Social media management

Fluent in English

 Stage Experiences

2022/ Hudson Ballet Theatre, Songs of the Sea (Dancer) – Choreographer, Ho-Shia Aaron Thao

2022/ Shades Dance Theatre, Shades Lab (Dancer) – Artistic Director/Choreographer, Cameron Terry 

2022/ Emerging Choreographer Series, Dancer – Choreographer, Tomislav Nevistic
2021/ Graduation Showcase, O Quam Tristis (Solo) – Choreographer, Annie Rigney 

         Ensemble choreographies by Igal Perry, Assaf Salhov, Caleb Teicher

2019/ Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, The Nutcracker (Ensemble) – Choreographer, Igal Perry 

2019/ PMT House of Dance Gala (Singer, Dancer) – Director, Vivake Khamsingsavath
2019/ The Tank, Arts for Alz (Duet) – Choreographer, Vivake Khamsingsavath
2018/ Lucca Comics, Regal Academy (as Travis Beast) – RAINBOW entertainment s.r.l.

Teatro Regio di Parma, 2018/ Guest Dancer – VerdiOff, Festival Verdi 

                                      2018/ Coppélia, ou la Fille aux Yeux d’Email (direction Adria Velasquez) 

                                      2017/ Nat King Cole tribute (artistic direction Arturo Cannistrà) 

                                      2017/ Napoleone e Marialuigia (RAI, Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A.). 


2022/ Elements Fitness Studio (Direction Andrea Fornarola) – New York City 

Barre fitness 

2021/ Peridance Center Certificate Program* (Direction Nikki Holck, Igal Perry) – New York City
Ballet, Contemporary, Graham, Taylor, Repertoire, Improvisation, HipHop, Jazz, Composition, Voice, Anatomy, Dance History/Criticism 

2019/ Professione Danza Parma (Direction Lucia Giuffrida, Francesco Frola) – Parma, Italy
Ballet, Pas De Deux, Repertoire, Contemporary, Floor Work, Street Jazz, Voice, Choir, Body Percussion, Music, Acting — Certified in Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre, I.S.T.D. Advance 2 

2019/ Liceo Coreutico Matilde di Canossa – Reggio Emilia, Italy 

Contemporary, Modern (Cunningham), Ballet 








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Spoken Languages:

Italian (Mother Tongue) – English (Fluent)