Yes, an audition where you will be evaluated in all three basic subjects is required.

Fill the online form on www.professionemusical.com or click here. 

On the day of the audition, the School will be open one hour before the auditions begin. It is advisable to arrive at least half an hour in advance to check the registration data and change.

We are not necessarily looking for people already trained in the three main subjects (singing, dancing, acting), we are looking for talent, skills and predisposition to the work of the performer

However, we need to hear you in a song of your choice from the repertoire of the Musical, in Italian or English. All the rest of the audition will be piloted by the teaching staff.

Depending on your skills you will be required to work in the three subjects to demonstrate: ability, predisposition, attitude, talent.



Once you complete the audition request form, you will be assigned a time to sing the song and perform the exercises you will be required to do. It will take at least an hour and a half from the time you will be shown.

– You will participate in a dance warm-up (15 min)

– You will learn a jazz sequence (10 min)

– Physical aptitude test (10 min)

– Your audition will last 15 min.

– Your acting audition will last 20 min

– A final interview will conclude the audition.

Yes, you have to make a request, along with the request for the audition, stating the reasons, attaching the documents that attest the real need. The commission will evaluate the concession. The judgment will be final. 

The minimum age is 16 and the maximum age is 25. 

We recommend that you finish school, as the school provides a constant commitment, knowing how to manage your study will be essential for the success.

The result will be communicated by email within 2 weeks from the date of the audition.

The result of the September audition will be communicated within 2 days from the date of the audition.

It’s necessary to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move around easily for dance rehearsals. Dance or trainers with clean sole. Terry socks. 

The jury will be composed by the Director of the School and a minimum of three teachers or experts in the three main subjects: singing, dance, acting.

No, we need to see the candidates live to allow us to safely evaluate the potential that only a live audition allows.

A cd or a usb drive containing only the song that you will have to sing or the score of the song if you prefer to be accompanied on the piano.

In the latter case, remember to report any cuts to the Maestro and, if possible, make sure that the score contains only the parts you intend to sing.

It is not possible to be accompanied on the piano by a Master Accompanist outside the School.

The audition is an important and challenging moment not only for the candidates but also for the Jury that decides, on this occasion, the future life of the candidate, it is necessary to carefully evaluate. The registration fee is a symbolic sign that indicates that the candidate has well understood that this is an important stage in their future. Needless to sign up so to play and then not participate.

No more than 25 per class. 

In Italy the title issued by the Musical Professional Schools does not have a state recognition at the moment. The diploma is however a document that abroad is extremely important to be able to access auditions and in Italy it is an excellent presentation when the school from which you come is known. Musical profession in addition has, within the curriculum, additional diplomas in individual subjects for Tap and Jazz, related to the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, for international recognition.

Some of our students have found occasional jobs during the evening or weekend, to contribute to family expenses. The request of the School is however very demanding also for the study at home and must be considered exactly as a commitment to university attendance.

Very rarely we accept students at the 2nd year of studies and almost never at the 3rd year.

Three years of study is the minimum time that we can require for a body and mind to collect and own all the information that is given for each subject. Speeding up time can be very dangerous, burning milestones may not create opportunities in the workplace.

Many of our students get a contract of employment even before they have finished the third year of study (for the following season). A very high percentage (almost 90%) of graduates work in the field of theatre.

The work carried out and the dedicated commitment during the three years of study are clearly fundamental for optimal success in the workplace.

Many of our students have been part of national and international musical productions such as: Mary Poppins, Cats, Billy Elliot, Beauty and the Beast, The Addams Family, The Lion King, Tarzan, Rocky, Jesus Superstar, West Side Story, Flashdance, Chorus Line, Kiss Me Kate, Singing in the Rain, No,No Nanette, Cinderella, Dogfight, Sister Act, Wicked,  etc…