The structure

The structure of the centre, a place built for art

Thus did Goethe, centuries ago, epitomize the relationship between music, dance, poetry and architecture, forms of communication made up of harmony, balance and proportion.

The module, repetition, symmetry, and colours help us to “hear” architectural rhythm, observing the harmony of a building, just as listening to a melody allows us to “see” musical rhythm, imagining spaces in continuous evolution. 

The main objective of the school’s architectural project was to develop the large spaces of the rooms and interior hallways, through light and colour. We wanted to maintain a continuous visual relationship between the physical activity undertaken within the rooms and hallways in order to feel art in its various expressions.

 The use of colour becomes meaningful and signifificant, a sign and symbol for the project, like a “fil rouge” that lead those attending the ballet school.

Like the façade, the physical path within, characterized by a variety of colours and the design of the platforms, is like an immersion in a sensory and emotional “aquarium” of the art of dance. 

Thanks to a careful distributive and functional logic,
and being able to reconcile the needs of the dance activities with current health and safety regulations, the new structure was born by recovering a large decommissioned industrial space, well lightened by large windows. 

From the entrance that serves as a reception and secretariat there is a path characterized by the presence of orange on the walls, which accompanies and guides the user throughout the school, and on which stand the classrooms, the pilates room, the dance rooms, the hall-theater services Near the entrance, there are smaller classrooms, mainly dedicated to singing, both individual and choral, music, theoretical and theatrical training. Proceeding along the path, you arrive in a large common environment, designed as a multifunctional space; from here starts the long corridor on which overlook the dance halls.  

From the corridor you can access the large theater-hall and the large costumery and tailoring. Finally, there are changing rooms for teachers and daily users of the vocational school. Outside there is a storage room for sets

Each room, designed to provide the best working conditions, has a precise modular scan that is clearly legible in the internal partitions, where the fullnesses of the wooden walls alternate with the emptinesses of the windows, creating a rhythmic composition. 

Outside the access to the halls are characterized by vertical bands of different colors.


Particular care to design has been dedicated to the technical aspects:

The floors of the rooms have been made with birch footrests cushioned, to facilitate the movements of the dance and to reduce the risk of any injuries due to the type of activity. The floors are covered by rugs for the dance “Harlequin”, bars for dance activities, large mirrored surfaces and an audio system suitable for large environments were provided for the walls. On the first floor there is an apartment, with 10 beds, designed to make the stay of students familiar and comfortable.