Musical auditions

Entrance examinations

for the academic year 2023 – 2024


A strictly professional school

What makes Professione Musical different is our ability to prepare our students to a truly professional level in all disciplines of the Musical Theatre in just 3 years.

The Professione Musical staff is made up of passionate professionals who have already achieved Success and are now focused on devoting their skills to kids to realize their dream.

The complete analysis of the candidate during the audition, makes that Musical Profession has the reputation of being a ‘strictly professional’ School.

The intensive and accurate study program guarantees us to train with quality, and guarantees our graduates the best possible opportunities on the national and international job market.

The audition is divided into two parts:

1) The first part of the audition will examine the musical quality, expressiveness, physical potential and ability to learn through a physical-aptitude test and a jazz sequence.


Candidates must submit a song, chosen preferably from a musical, where their singing skills can be highlighted, the musical base can be recorded on CD or with sheet music brought by the candidate for the piano accompaniment.


A musical test conducted by our singing teachers will allow you to judge the musicality , the vocal extension, the expressiveness and the attitude to performance .

2) In the second part of the audition the theatrical aspect will be evaluated, a final interview will conclude the audition. For the theatre audition, a workshop will be held during which the use of the voice, the ability to concentrate and the ability to perform will be evaluated.

Present yourself at the audition with appropriate clothing for each discipline

NB: It is not necessary to be already expert in the subjects of study in which you will be evaluated at the hearing: WE SEEK TALENT if we find it will be our responsibility to make it grow!


The result of the audition will be sent within two weeks

together with the registration forms, rates and detailed information program, only in the case of a positive response.  Upon request, the school will evaluate the possibility of privately viewing candidates unable to support the audition on the set days.


The selection will take place exclusively at school on date and time to be agreed.

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