The Company

A bridge to the Future

Balletto di Parma was born from the strong desire of its founders, Lucia Giuffrida and Francesco Frola, to offer young dancers a bridge to the professional world.

from Student to Dancer

The main mission of the Ballet of Parma is to prepare its talented and young dancers to face the professional career in the most prestigious companies in the world. The company serves as a conduit for transforming students into professional dancers of high level and versatility.

Young Dancers, young Choreographers and.... a young audience

The dancers have the opportunity to work with established choreographers, but also with emerging young choreographers, who have the opportunity to experience their work and creativity. Thus, The balletto di Parma becomes a springboard for young dancers, young choreographers prosthetic towards a wider audience.

The audition

In order to access the auditions you must be between the ages of 17 and 25, be  graduated or have reached a high level of technical preparation and meet the requirements of the repertoire of the Company, ranging from classical ballet to contemporary